Monday, June 27, 2011

Let's say, hypothetically of course, you have gone through two life-threatening TBI's and you now struggle with walking and talking. Let's say you sit around the house all day and have nothing to look forward to except for Jersey Shore and 17 Again. Well, that's my brother and the person that many of you claim to be friends with. He lies on the couch all day, bored out of his mind. He’s sick of seeing the same surroundings and the same people. There’s nothing that brings more joy to his life than the rare occasion that friends stop by.

If you claim to be Trevor’s friend, then come visit him. During the last rodeo, there were several visitors a day but during this rodeo, visitors are scarce. The only difference between this summer and last summer is that we no longer have a nice, shiny Malibu Wakesetter. This time around, we have nothing more than a shitty pontoon and our company to offer you. But that shouldn’t matter. You can’t let that be the reason you aren't actually being Trevor’s friend during the hardest time of his life.

We understand that it’s probably difficult and definitely awkward to see him like this, but get over it. It’s hard for us too. I would like to think that if I were in a serious accident, people would be stampeding to come visit me, and I’m sure you would like to think the same. So please, I’m begging you, come hang out with my brother. Take ten minutes out of your day to spend time with a great person who has gone through more than you or I could even imagine.


  1. Alyssa,

    I found your blog via Kevin Pearce. I don't know Trevor, but I'd come visit. He's an achiever and I like to be around people like that.

    Your writing is amazing. You have a talent there. You say it cleanly, as it is, and with balls. Well done.

    I believe Kalamazoo is not far from Rothbury. My husband is the technical director of Electric Forest Festival. I don't know if Trevor can attend, but I've checked with my husband and he'd be happy to see to it that you can go tomorrow. The site is fully ADA compliant.

    Let me know if you can go and I can arrange it for you. And please don't stop writing.

    Carol Doroba

    (I assume you can reply here or friend me on FB)

  2. I was never really close to Trevor as we always lived in different places, but I've always looked up to his riding and after catching up with him a few times over the years I was able to see what a good guy he is.

    I came down from Grand Rapids one day last July and hung out at your place and met you (briefly) out on the boat, and I got to see him again this April when I was passing through Utah on my way to Oregon.

    I probably won't be living in Michigan this year, but I really would like to see him when I am in the area.

    Thank you for keeping us all informed about Trevor.

    Luke Sprunger

  3. Do you have an email? I'd like to send a comment but my message is too long. Truly inspired by your stories. Good Luck.

  4. Carol- Thanks so much. Had I checked this blog earlier, I would have for sure taken you up on your offer. I had a few friends who went to the Electric Forest Festival and it sounds like it was a blast!

    Luke- Thanks for the nice words and feel free to stop by anytime you're in town.

    Bridget- My email is